the program

Gookomis Endaad is a 90-day treatment program that serves both male and female populations that deal with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders and correctional clients. It is licensed under the state of Wisconsin Department of Health Services for up to 18 beds under DHS 75.14, Transitional Residential Treatment Service; DHS Chapter 83 Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF); and DHS 75.13, Outpatient Treatment Services. The center is accessible on the main level and provides private rooms for each of the relatives.


The physical layout of the facility provides for a high level of supervision, safety, and security. A high staff-to-relative ratio offers personal attention, as well as the availability of individual/group therapy that facilitates a relatively speedy resolution to any crisis.

program goals

Gookomis Endaad provides culturally congruent services that address the mind, body, and spirit holistically. Through a mixture of promising tribal practices, cultural resources, and evidence based programs, relatives will have the resources and tools to successfully reintegrate back into their home community. Relatives will have their behavioral health needs stabilized while gaining the necessary skills sets to live independently, identify housing and vocational options.

  • Information and referral services;

  • Individualized treatment plan;

  • Utilization of the Recovery Team process to develop an individualized Plan of Care and Crisis Safety Plan to facilitate successful completion of the program and reintegration into the community;

  • Peer-supported therapeutic environment and supervision by trained Recovery Coaches;

  • Assessment, evaluation and diagnostic testing;

  • Individualized mental health therapy, and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT);

  • Individualized substance abuse services and counseling;

  • Psycho-educational, AODA, and psychotherapy groups;

  • Family counseling;

  • Parenting

  • AA/NA Meetings

  • Traditional Healing & Doctoring;

  • Cultural Outings (i.e. pow-wows, sobriety feasts, fishing, harvest of maple sugar and wild rice);

  • Access to ceremonies (i.e. Native American Church, sweatlodge, shake tent);

  • Culturally related groups (cultural teachings, traditional stories, talking circles, moccasin making, drumming, singing);

  • Recreational therapy (i.e. swimming, fishing, volleyball, hikes, gardening);

  • Leisure time support services (beading, crafts, community social events);

  • Independent life skills;

  • Access to employment & educational services;

  • Transitioning to self-sustaining lifestyle and reintegration services;

  • Health monitoring services and assistance with medications;

  • Access to dental and healthcare services;

  • Nutritious meals and snacks and accommodation for special diets;

  • Traditional Feasts

  • Assistance in communication with family, friends, and professionals;

  • Transportation for relatives to participate in program activities; and

  • Referral to personal care services to increase or maintain independence.

respite and aftercare

Relatives who successfully complete the program may be admitted for respite care during a crisis or evidence of relapsing for up to five (5) consecutive days based on bed availability. Relatives receiving respite care will normally not have an individualized program plan, but will have an interim plan developed to meet the short-term needs of the individual. Persons accepted for respite will need to be programmatically compatible with the other Relatives of the center.

Aftercare is available to all relatives who have successfully completed the treatment program where they can continue counseling services with Gookomis Endaad clinical staff for continuity of care on an out-patient basis. Aftercare services include care coordination, therapeutic and supportive services, cultural and ceremonial services for up to one year post discharge.


Gookomis Endaad offers services from the following at the treatment facility:


Mental Health Therapist

AODA Counselor


Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner


Exercise Instructor

Traditional Healer


Recovery Coaches

Certified MRT Group Facilitators

Healing our Relatives... Mending the Circle