Healing our Relatives, Mending the Circle

Ombedam Endaad, "Hope House" is a Peer Supportive Living Program that supports residents in their on-going holistic healing journey, and transition from a residential treatment program to supportive independent living.  The homes are located in Lac du Flambeau, WI on a 40-acre farm and another on beautiful Fence Lake.  The homes are close to health and dental clinics, educational services, shopping, and other governmental services.  

Ombedam Endaad allows residents to feel at home and comfortable enough to focus on their underlying needs, while moving towards independence.  The houses are two, 8-bed homes, one for males and the other for females that have successfully graduated from a residential treatment program.  Each home is staffed with a Peer Mentor who can offer support and guidance.  

Ombedam Endaad is designed to be a stepping stone, where residents can receive on-going aftercare services from residential treatment while they reintegrate back into the community.  Each resident will work with a Targeted Case Manager who will assist them in the development of an Individual Service Plan stating shared goals and expected outcomes.  Transitional options such as independent life skills and job readiness and search allows residents the opportunity to successfully transition into the community as well as maintain aftercare plans such as counseling, groups and attention to their physical well-being.  The homes offer on-site, an AODA Counselor as well as a Mental Health Therapist once a week for continuation of care.  MRT Groups are held at the homes facilitated by Recovery Coaches.  

Residents may continue to participate in cultural activities with access to holistic healing that include traditional healing, ceremonies and cultural teachings.  It is the belief that through the combination of continued aftercare of clinical and traditional practices, residents will have their minds, bodies and spirit addressed.  

To be eligible, all residents are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years old;

  • Have successfully completed an in-patient residential treatment program;

  • Continue to maintain their sobriety from alcohol and all non-prescribed drugs;

  • Work with a Case Manager to create and maintain an Individual Service Plan;

  • Attend individual and group sessions, as well as house meetings;

  • Agree to the obligations expected of each resident;

  • Apply for all eligible benefits identified; and

  • Abide by any financial agreement for on-going residency.

If you are coming from a treatment program other than Gookomis Endaad, the following is required:

  • Documentation of TB Test results and History and Physical

  • Discharge Summary that includes a list of Medications and recommended aftercare plan.

  • Release of Information for the Gookomis Endaad Clinical Staff and treating provider to consult. 

  • Interview to discuss transition planning and expected outcomes.  

Ombedam Endaad offers a Zero Tolerance, temporary, Peer Supported home to those who seek to maintain their sobriety for a period of up to 1 year.  Residents are those in early recovery from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs who wish to remain sober.  

Complete the attached Ombedam Endaad Agreement, or to learn more please contact:

Gookomis Endaad

Targeted Case Manager

(715) 892-0579

Healing our Relatives... Mending the Circle