Gookomis Endaad serves both females and males that has been diagnosed with an Alcohol or other Drug Abuse diagnoses and can include a co-occurring mental health disorder; and:

  • Are at least 18 years old

  • Has been referred by a medical provider who:

    • Has completed a History and Physical ​

    • Communicable Disease Assessment

    • TB Testing with reportable results

  • Has abstained from alcohol or other drug use for at least 72 hours

  • Does not have a conviction for felony sexual abuse, battery or arson

  • Understands Schedule II Drugs, including Gabapentin, Suboxone and Methadone will not be prescribed and are not allowed upon admission (Gookomis Endaad medical staff does evaluate for appropriteness of Vivitrol)

  • Understands that Gookomis Endaad is at least a 90-day Program

Service Fees:

Gookomis Endaad welcomes those with Medicaid and if the applicant has not applied, will assist them in doing so to maximize their benefits.  The Account Specialist will also assist applicants with pre-authorizations that may be required by a 3rd Party Insurance Carrier.  


Those who are not eligible for any type of benefits will be billed as follows:


  • Daily Room and Board -                                     $159.00/day

  • AODA Counseling -                                              $  98.00/hour

  • Mental Health Therapist -                                  $ 285.00/hour

  • Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner -      $ 315.00/hour

  • Physician Services -                                

    • Establish Care -                                           $ 235.00​

    • Level 3 -                                                        $ 175.00

    • Level 2 -                                                        $ 135.00

Gookomis Endaad is contracted with various counties, other Tribes, corrections, 3rd party insurances and is credentialing providers with Medicare, Medicaid and Medicaid HMO's to maximize your benefits.   

If you would like to discuss contracting with Gookomis Endaad, you may contact our Acount Specialist at (715) 588-4422, and ask for Pam.   She would be happy to assist you. 

Make a Referral:

Making a referral is easy.  Please send to:

Intake Specialist - or fax to:  (715) 588-1889:

  • All required documentation (Referral, H&P Report, TB Test Report)

  • List of current medications

  • Health benefits coverage

  • Tribal ID, if appropriate

  • Release of Information from the Applicant (between Gookomis Endaad and the Referral Source

  • Referral from a Medical Provider with contact information

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