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Gookomis Endaad, "Grandmother's House" allows for a therapeutic setting that incorporates clinical and traditional tribal healing practices to support the relatives in their holistic healing journey. It is located on the Healing & Wellness Campus, a 40 acre campus along the shores of Lake Pokegama and adjoining another 120 acres of pristine wilderness in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. The campus is close to health and dental clinics, peer-supported transitional housing, educational services, and other government services; but yet still remote to provide the ideal therapeutic setting. Gookomis Endaad is rooted in the rich culture and traditions of the Anishinaabeg, allowing our relatives the time needed in order to heal and reintegrate into their community. Gookomis Endaad is designed to feel like relatives are at “grandma’s house”. This homelike setting allows relatives to feel at home and comfortable enough to focus on their underlying needs while moving towards being “whole” and independent.

State of WI DHS - CBRF License 0015826

    CSAS - Outpatient Treatment DHS 75.13

    CSAS - Transitional Residential DHS 75.14

    Mental Health Outpatient Clinic  DHS 35

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Healing our Relatives... Mending the Circle